San Clemente AC Maintenance

Air conditioners require regular maintenance if you want your unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Whether you invest in routine preventative care or call for maintenance at the first sign of performance issues, AC maintenance services are the key to getting the most extended lifespan for your HVAC investment.

Rohan & Sons HVAC provides AC maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in San Clemente, California. If you want to keep your climate control system performing at its best, contact us to schedule a consultation. We’re here to inspect your AC, perform necessary repairs, and ensure your unit is always working to keep you cool in these hot California temperatures.

Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Clemente

Preventative air conditioning maintenance is the key to having a system you can rely on. There are several advantages to HVAC maintenance services in San Clemente. Preventative maintenance services:

● Prepare your AC unit for extra work during hot summer months
● Check for and seal duct leakage in central systems
● Ensure that small issues are resolved before they become a significant problem
● Increase the performance of your climate control system
● Inspect electric terminals
● Measure airflow
● Check for thermostat accuracy
● Oil motors and check belts to ensure that your unit is working at optimal performance
● Increase the lifespan of your unit

If you own a San Clemente property with a climate control system, preventative maintenance services can help you avoid costly repair and replacement services. Contact our office today to speak with one of our HVAC contractors and discuss your HVAC maintenance options.

San Clemente HVAC Maintenance

At Rohan & Sons HVAC, our technicians have decades of experience with AC maintenance services. We are dedicated to helping maintain your climate control system so you can keep your home or business comfortable when the temperatures rise.

When you call us for your AC maintenance services, you get flexible options that work within your budget without sacrificing your needs. Our team will make an appointment that fits your schedule. We’ll come out and inspect your unit’s core components, adjusting parts as needed, changing air filters, and performing other maintenance tasks that help your AC work effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to help your system perform at its best, and we work hard to make that happen.

AC Brands We Service in San Clemente

From small units to large commercial systems, we want to help you keep your AC in top condition. With 45 years in business, we work with various brands, styles, and sizes of air conditioners. The most popular brands we maintain in San Clemente include:

● Lennox
● Mitsubishi
● York
● American Standard
● Trane
● Rheem

As part of our commitment to the San Clemente clients we serve, we’re flexible and versatile with our skills and experience. If you don’t see your AC unit brand listed above, don’t worry! Call us today to discuss your system and find out how we can help meet your service needs.

Call Today for Your San Clemente AC Maintenance Services

Don’t wait to service your San Clemente air conditioner until there’s a significant problem. Call us today for quick, affordable service for all your AC maintenance needs.